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Introducing a new product (from the past) — Victorian Bathtubs and Soaking Tubs!
Great for condos, apartments, tiny homes, or even off-the-grid homes. Very comfortable, lightweight, and portable.
Now you can enjoy a warm, relaxing bath anywhere.

Untitled design (44).png
Untitled design (44).png
  • Very comfortable, portable, and lightweight replica of 1840’s Victorian bathtub.

  • Store in a closet, pantry, or any storage area.

  • Tub measures 40" x 25" and weights approx. 20 lbs.

  • Very sturdy and accommodates children to adults. (Children must be under constant adult supervision).

  • No moving parts or plumbing.

  • Fits into most showers or bedrooms.

  • Lovely for tiny homes, apartments, condos, or guest rooms.

  • A very comfortable bath that can be taken with only 5 to 10 gallons of water.

  • Easily cleaned with soft cloth and mild cleanser.

  • Maintains heat for an extended period of time.

  • Store tub in a dry space when not in use.

Price: $495

Easily stores in closet or pantry.

Fits in most showers.

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Portable Fiberglass SOAKING TUBS
Untitled design (44).png

This lightweight free-standing soaking tub, with molded comfort seat, is the answer to having an apartment, condo, tiny home, cabin, home, salon, spa, or campsite that doesn't have a shower, or only a shower, but no bathtub.


  • From the factory, the tub uses no electrical devices, no moving parts to rust, break, or replace — and no leakage.

  • Perfect for all climates.

  • Fits through most doorways.

  • Tub can easily be permanently built into any living space.

  • Fits most showers, sunrooms, bedrooms, garages, patios, and garden settings.

  • The health, relaxation and economic benefits will be immediate, compared to the required expensive plumbing, high maintenance, and large spaces taken up by most hot tubs.

  • Unlike hot tubs, this tub and water always stay sanitary and fresh, without the use of chemicals. Simply wipe dry, or sanitize, after each use. Store tub in a dry, covered space.

  • Unlike common bathtubs, the water stays a constant temperature, because of less surface area for air to cool.

  • Our tests show temperature will stay constant for approximately 4 hours.

  • The roomy tub accommodates adults and children  (Children must be under constant adult supervision).

  • Unlike chemical tubs or pools, the drain water and bio-safe suds are perfectly safe for all grass, shrubs, pets, and wildlife.

  • Available in white and smoke. Other colors are special order.


Fits in most showers.

Smooth interior finish with comfortable molded seat

Flat areas are provided for plug, hose, drain hose, or floor drain to sewer system

Tub specifications

  • Top diameter: 30" (slightly less on bottom)

  • Height: 29"

  • Weight: 40 lbs. (empty)

  • Capacity: Approx. 56 to 58 gallons

Quickly fill and drain with a simple hose, shower, or pail

  • Fill from tap: Approx. 17 minutes

  • Drain with siphon method: Approx. 23 minutes

  • Drain with pail: Approx. 8 minutes

  • For a quick bath or child's bath, use only the amount of water you need

Price: $695

Untitled design (44).png
Portable Plastic SOAKING TUBS
Untitled design (44).png

From Rustic to Roving


Whether on or off the grid, try

Portable Soaking Tubs NEW

high-impact molded plastic tubs

with molded comfort seat.

  • Perfect lightweight tub for condos, patios, gardens,spas, tiny homes, RVs, and cabins that have no shower, or only a shower, but no bathtub.

  • Fits in most showers.

  • Use inside or outside.

  • Will not rust.

  • Can special order in any color. Now in stock in brown, sage, blue, black, grey, red, yellow, and bright green.

  • No chemicals needed.

  • Holds heat for several hours.

  • Fits most men, women, and children (under supervision).

  • Just wipe clean with soft cloth to sanitize.

  • No electricity needed.

  • Can be used with or without plumbing or running water.

  • Can be used with or without a sewer.

  • 100% bio-safe for plants, pets, wildlife, and children.

  • Super relaxing for muscles and nerves.

  • Fits through most doorways.

  • Safe and easy to get in and out of.

  • Safe for bathing pets.

  • Excellent for warm scented oil baths.

  • Perfect for ice soak for all sports, injuries, or muscle soreness.

  • For extra safety, fill tub before entering, exiting, or draining.

  • To prevent damage avoid placing tub on sharp rocks or objects.

  • Place tub on flat, level surface before filling

  • Do not use electric heaters or deicers in tub.


Fits in most showers.


Perfect patio tub


Tubs include a hose drain plug below seat.

Tub specifications

• Weight: 30 lbs. (empty)

• Height: 29"

• Top diameter: 30" (slightly less on bottom)

• Capacity: Approx. 56 to 58 gallons

Price: $295

Care and Safety

Do not allow small children or pets inside a dry or filled tub. Tub could tip onto them.

Keep tub from resting on wet grass, wood, or cement. Cover from outside elements. Provide a flat, vented platform for tub.

Do not use harsh abrasive chemicals, cleansers, or scratchers on interior finish. Do not drop. Tub may chip or crack.

Call for pricing.

FREE delivery within 100 mile radius of Wadena, MN

Plus sales tax and shipping (if requested)

To purchase call: 218.398.2077

Untitled design (44).png
Untitled design (44).png

Victorian Bathtubs is a cottage business owned by Denise Rousslang, located in Wadena, a small mid-Minnesota town. Denise had the idea and plans for the tubs for about twenty years. After retiring, she became very interested in the smaller living space and the minimalist movements. Denise searched and searched but could not find an appropriate bathtub solution available anywhere in the market, so she decided to design and build her own soaking tub.  


As a history buff, her research also led her to building the authentic Victorian brothel tub.

That was two years ago. Today, Victorian Bathtubs offers two affordable portable tub options.  The products are manufactured locally in Minnesota.

Denise is very passionate about these tub products. Denise says it is not about the money, but "ONLY BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDED THEM"!

Denise Rousslang

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Untitled design (44).png

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